Habanero Pepper Sauces


In November 2017, the Weaver family embarked on a family vacation to Belize. They traditionally enjoy exploring local cuisines at predominantly local eateries. It was there that they discovered the remarkable sauces of Marie Sharp. A quintessential Belizean meal is coconut rice and beans, which can be served with or without fish. Topping this with a generous spoonful of hot sauce will make your taste buds dance under the palm trees in the island sunshine.

The family opted to visit the hot sauce factory, eager for a comprehensive hot sauce experience. After researching Marie Sharp's, they were hopeful about meeting the renowned founder. Unfortunately, they didn't meet her, but they did enjoy a guided tour of the factory. The standout features were the facility's cleanliness and the advanced machinery used for making, cooking, and bottling the sauce. They adhere to the highest food production standards, and the workforce is predominantly women, supporting Belize's female population. 

The family was resolute in their desire to enjoy Marie Sharp's products in South Africa. After consuming the bottles they had brought back, they contacted Marie Sharp's Marketing Department in Belize. The factory welcomed the opportunity to have a representative for their products in Africa. The initial order took six months to arrive, highlighting the need for careful and detailed planning for successful importation. Following numerous shipments, Marie Sharp's hot sauce is now available in stores, supermarkets, and online.

Meet the Team

If you wish to contact us, please don't hesitate. Our Office Manager, Chantal, and our Store Manager, Robson, are both available to assist you with the process of becoming a seller for Marie Sharp's. For any inquiries, Lauren can be reached at lauren@mariesharpsafrica.com.